Flavours Kitchen

Flavours Kitchen

Our School is available to everyone from kids to adults, with daytime and evening classes to suit all.

We are here to inspire you, to help bring out your inner chef, so all cooks become great cooks at Flavours.

Not everyone likes cooking but it’s defiantly made more enjoyable if you know and understand the fundamentals, we have all levels of cooks attending our classes and cookery clubs, with many returning time after time seeking trustworthy information.

Guest chefs from in and around Dorset teach specific classes according to their specialist fields and demonstrate techniques, ingredients used in the industry today and work with you to create amazing dishes.

Most of our classes are hands-on, which means you get to cook alongside chef gaining expert advice right there and then.

If you would rather watch and taste we have a number of classes that will give you some great ideas and get you all fired up to cook at home.

We provide all necessary equipment and ingredients for our classes, so just bring your smile and a comfy pair of shoes!