Big Cook Little Cook

Big Cook Little Cook

Big Cook = Parent/guardian. Little Cook = 7 & Under. No matter what age, kids always want to help in the kitchen.  Whether it's making a sandwich or chopping vegetables, they love it!

BUT often it's easier and quicker to do it yourself. You may not have the space, and the mess they can make fills you with dread so the school is a great place for them to drop flour, crack eggs missing the bowl or spilling milk, without cooking coming to a halt.

As the students are under 7, an adult is required to cook with them.

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Class Example

Savoury: Southern-Style chicken.

The Little Cooks get to see, smell and taste over 11 different spices and make their own spiced coating.

Sweet: Chocolate

Baking sweet treats is always fun and they will make their own shortbread or chocolate sundae with warm chocolate brownie

It's a 1 hour class, filled with fun, learning and great food for your kids and whatever they make, they take home.  We provide all the ingredients, equipment, aprons, endless jugs of juice and coffee or tea for the Big Cooks!


Customer Review

5 Star review

Josh loved it today! He’s sometimes really shy when he is in a new environment (he’s 4) and he takes a little time to be confident around people that he has never met. He felt immediately comfortable with Des. Des is amazing with the kids, and I was amazed at how much josh joined in and put his hand up to talk infront of people! I will definitely book and bring him back again! Thank you for a lovely afternoon and yummy treats to bring home......I also learned a few things! ;)

Emma Wood, March 2018