The Perfect Sunday Roast

The Perfect Sunday Roast

The food on my plate!

Never Let it be said I'm not a

Generous Person.

That's what my mum said most Sundays just as she served Sunday dinner.
Every Sunday when growing up was THEE most important meal day of the week.
We had an open house, which meant anyone could drop in for a sit down meal or if they brought their own Tupperware they could ask for Sunday dinner to go!
Food can bring families together not just on a Sundays, do you have a special time and day of the week were food is the main focus, if not it's not to late to start.
My 3 golden rules to cooking a great meal
1- Plan ahead, my Sunday lunches always have 2 meats, getting the right size is very important so not to run out.
2- Never serve a meal with a negative comment, along the lines of "sorry it's a little burnt or I've over cooked the veg"
When presenting your meal comments like these don't enhance the food, instead they put us on edge, as we start to look for any other imperfections, negative comments are a distraction.

3- When roasting anything the temperature of your oven is very, very important.

Roast meats : you can cook on a low heat so not to make the meat tough, 160oc to 170oc then once the meat is near ready turn up the heat to give it colour. 190oc to 210oc
Or you can start high then turn the temperature down.
But golden rule number 3 is not just about what temperature to cook your meat at, there's more too it.
Let me ask you this, how do you know your meat is cooked, ready to eat?
Most don't, so they cremate it!

Well it's time we stop guessing, all the good cooks have, we've moved from "yep I think that looks good" to " it will be ready in 8 minutes"
I know you're a good cook and cook with confidence right!
If you don't cook with confidence, it will show.
It could be said to roast two meats is a confident move,
To serve my meal without a negative comment but instead a positive one such as " the butcher saved his best joint for us and I have cooked it to perfection.
Guest -"How did you know it was perfect?"
Cook - " I stopped guessing and left, ignorance and doubt behind and used a chef temperature probe plus a little help from Flavours"
Cook well, eat well, live well!
Chef Des
P.S  lastly two things, Cooking with confidence is key with any meal and that's what we teach at our school which is why we have 35 different Flavours to choose from.
P.P.S - If you would like a chef temperature probe I have an order coming in on Friday.
Order yours by Wednesday pick it up or have it posted to you on Friday.
There are three price ranges to choose from so call
01202 424445 and we can help you find the best one to fit your needs.

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