I would like to say Thank you

I would like to say Thank you


This week has been a testing one but if it was not for one of our students, I would have come to a complete stop, I reached for a knife and felt my back tighten, the pain was more frightening than painful but the yelp was still Loud.

I called Neil Cox from Healthy for Life Chiropractors

He asked if I could make it in between his clients,  - " I'm on my way! " and left with haste

What I like about Neil's technique is that it's not intrusive, he's very gentle but never fails to hit the spot, you even get to keep your clothes on.

Within 20 minutes I could walk and even breathe a lot better, after that a bowl of chicken soup and I was as right as rain.

So please get in touch with Neil he has what I call healing hands, ready and waiting for anyone who wants a more gentle approach to back problems.

Thank you, Neil your the man!

Nothing is more important than our health, cook well, eat well, live well



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