Art of Fish Filleting

Fish Filleting Classes

Short snippet from our fish filleting class

Filleting fish is an art many have never learnt, are you a fan of Fish?
Do you know how to prepare Salmon, Lemon Sole, Dover Sole, Cod Fillet, Mackerel, Monkfish, Rainbow Trout?

In this class you will learn the skills of skinning, pin boning & filleting a flat, round and oily fish plus learn how to butterfly a Rainbow Trout, then chef will demonstrate cooking each fresh fish in different styles and serve an accompanying sauce.

The class will then gather to enjoy sampling the dishes, preparing and cooking fish is easy when you know how, so let us show you.

You will then take your entire prepared fish home raw to have a go at home and share with your family or friends


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Please call the school 01202 424445 to find out more, or email us and we will be happy to get back to you.

All the dishes you create within this “Hands On class” you’ll get to take home. Plus all the Ingredients, Take Away Containers, Aprons, Equipment and Refreshments throughout are provided by us.

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