Butchery Classes

This video clip demonstrates just one of the butchery skills we teach in this skills

The art of butchery is slowly fading away just leaving a handful of people with the skill and knowledge in this art form.
Knowing how to Butcher should not be something we leave to our supermarkets, and there are fewer high street Butchers so having the skill to cut your own meat and knowing what to do with certain cuts will save you money and give you a sense of achievement.

We have four types of butchery classes:
Pig Butchery
Lamb Butchery
Games Butchery
Poultry Butchery

Also within our knife skill class we show you how to butchery a whole chicken

With all of the classes you will take home all that you prepare, along with chef notes and helpful diagrams, chef will also educate you on cooking and resting times that will make all the difference to your meal.

Space is limited as we keep the class small so chef can give everyone plenty of guidance


Book Your Game Class Here Book Your Poultry Class Here Book Your Pig Class Here Book Your Lamb Class Here


Please call the school 01202 424445 to find out more, or email us and we will be happy to get back to you.

All the dishes you create within this “Hands On class” you’ll get to take home. Plus all the Ingredients, Take Away Containers, Aprons, Equipment and Refreshments throughout are provided by us.

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