Spices of India - Indian Cooking

Indian food is full of complex spice combinations which make a huge impact on your taste buds. In this class chef will teach you, a number of Spice combination and how to use them in some traditional southern Indian dishes.

As this is a Hands On class you can follow chefs direction but also make the dishes to your own liking so if you prefer a milder curry then add a little less chilli or if you like it HOT! Then all you need is to add more.

Here are some Curry Facts

Curry Fact Sheet

What is covered in the class?

Ginger & Garlic purée
Meat & Fish marinades
Taste, smell, discover from our spice tray, talking to you about the spices, how and when each combination works within the specific Curry
Make some "Quick" Breads, Chapatti & Puri Bread
During the class chef will taste your dishes advise you on the final adjusting to make each dish perfect!
Side dishes
2-3 Curries
Refreshing Indian drinks

and much more......

This is a popular class and is designed to suit all levels of cooks


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Please call the school 01202 424445 to find out more, or email us and we will be happy to get back to you

All the dishes you create within this “Hands On class” you’ll get to take home. Plus all the Ingredients, Take Away Containers, Aprons, Equipment and Refreshments throughout are provided by us.

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