Knife Skills

Knife Skills

Short Clip of the must do Knife skills class this will make any cook a more confident one!

We encourage everyone to take this class as it is fun and useful for any level of cook

All cooks use knife skills in the kitchen. The culinary arts are steeped in proper usage of these skills and learning how to use a knife properly is a fundamental skill, progressing from the basic cook to a more confident cook.

Don’t worry if your knife skills aren’t that sharp. In this class you will have plenty of time to learn the foundation to all knife skills and you’ll have the opportunity to practice those valuable skills and ask Chef for more pointers throughout the class

Let’s take a look at some of the most basic and important knife skills that you will be mastering during your culinary class.


This most basic of knife skills is simple to learn and the best for cutting. The most common style of chopping uses the knife like a Guillotine moving the knife up and down keeping the tip of the knife in contact with the chopping board.


Slicing is different from chopping in that a slice requires the blade to move along the cutting board. The first cut is away from you as you push the back of the blade through the object. The tip of the blade should touch the cutting board before the rear of the knife.


Chiffonade is an important method. It is used to cut herbs or leafy green vegetables into long strips for cooking or a garnish. First, stack the leaves into a pile and roll them tightly into a long, tight tube. Next, turn the tube and cut across it this will produce fine ribbons.


A julienne cut is a strip cut, which results in uniform strips or matchsticks. A strip cut begins by cutting the food into uniform planks. Then stack the planks and cut into uniform strips.


The dice is a basic knife cut which food is being cut into uniform cube shapes. Begin first by cutting some Julienne style strips depending on your required size and then turning the strips a quarter turn before cutting to your desired cube size.

Class Overview

You will learn all of these cuts above using different vegetables creating a delicious stir fry which chef will demonstrate additional to this we will even show you how to butcher a whole chicken by ‘Cutting for sauté this again is a French term for dividing the chicken into pieces ready to cook, this will save you money in the long run as it’s more cost effective to buy a whole chicken than in its portions.

Book your class today and let’s get chopping!


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Please call the school 01202 424445 to find out more, or email us and we will be happy to get back to you. All the dishes you create within this “Hands On class” you’ll get to take home. Plus all the Ingredients, Take Away Containers, Aprons, Equipment and Refreshments throughout are provided by us.

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