Spanish Tapas

In Spain you will find bars that are noisy and lively, serving small delicacies packed with superb flavours.

The Spanish have a very wide range of dishes; there is something for everyone's palette making it easy to see why real Spanish Tapas is taking over the world.

Tapas is a style of eating rather than a form of cooking, Tapas came from the fact that the Spanish don’t like to "have a drink" without something to eat so savvy Bar owners started to provide small snacks to encourage customers into their establishments.

With Tapas you can make it as complicated as you like or keep it simple, at Flavours we will introduce you to different tastes, like Serrano Ham, Manchego Cheese and of course some real Chorizo.

Join us for an evening of great flavours plus new ideas.

On arrival we will serve you a great tasting plate of popular Spanish Tapas, and then you will start to cook your own exotically-flavoured, spicy Moorish little dishes.

This class is great fun and tasty Book now! And say Hola Amigo.


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Please call the school 01202 424445 to find out more, or email us and we will be happy to get back to you

All the dishes you create within this “Hands On class” you’ll get to take home. Plus all the Ingredients, Take Away Containers, Aprons, Equipment and Refreshments throughout are provided by us.

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