1. Research

Firstly, research the franchise market in the UK and Ireland and look at all the options available to you. Visit the websites of the franchise associations.

Request a Flavours School of Cookery™ Franchise Brochure, to be sent to you. 

2. Apply

Once you have decided you are interested in opening a Flavours School of Cookery™ Franchise, complete the application form and return.

Filling in an application form puts you under no obligation to purchase a franchise. Upon receipt, a disclosure document will be sent to you, which includes further information about Flavours School of Cookery™ franchises.

3. Review

Review the disclosure document with a financial advisor or solicitor.

Discuss financial issues with your bank manager.

4. Join

It's as easy as that! Once you have finished your investigation and have secured approval to become a Flavours School of Cookery™ franchise owner, don't wait.

GET COOKING there is a world of opportunity waiting for you, once you have made your decision.


Franchising is all about working to a tried and tested system and it is vital that you can work within the parameters of the Flavours School of Cookery™ system’s processes and procedures. However, there will always be room for you to improve and adapt certain processes and the chain prides itself on being made up of local entrepreneurs. 


The key attributes of a successful franchisee include:

    •    Passionate about food – with a good knowledge of the market
    •    Good motivator
    •    Good business acumen and awareness
    •    Effective time-management skills
    •    Good team leader and Articulate
    •    People-person
    •    Good listener
    •    Effective communicator
    •    Professional in outlook and appearance
    •    Open to new ideas, advice and guidance

WHY CHOOSE A Flavours School of Cookery™ FRANCHISE?

Flavours School of Cookery™ has ambitious expansion plans for the UK and is actively seeking new franchisees to become part of our success story.  Over the many past 5 years Des and Amy have been operating the school knowing that it has to be a finely tuned and developed franchise system, a system that is both efficient and effective. 

One of the key strengths behind the success of the Flavours School of Cookery™ is that customers want us on their high streets and have been craving a business with high standards, great customer service and a fun establishment, all of these makes Flavours School of Cookery™ a strong brand that customers have grown to love.

Request more information

Please send us an email requesting more information, telling us a bit about yourself and we will get back to you with in 24 hours.