Team Building

Communication, Creativity, Innovation


Once, the clock starts each group has 90 minutes to produce a 3-course meal.

Style, execution and timing is needed, When the time is up the teams will sit down to eat and enjoy the fruits of their labour

The main objectives of our Ready-steady-cook is that its not a workshop, it's a time for bonding, it's time for fun with food and banta with the Chef, can they handle the heat in the kitchen!


"Amazing evening especially as we are mainly vegetarian & vegans, such a varied menu"

            "Great Bonding time between Weymouth & Southampton Offices"

                                 "Great Event we had a group of real foodies, so it was perfect"



Quick Fire Quiz

Teams will have to test their general food knowledge

Answer them right and get the best  recipces

The ones that go the extra mile will come out vitcorious


The Cook Off

Timing is crucial for success every minute will count!!

Chef will guide them through the dishes but remember he's a chef,



Sit Down to Enjoy

Its not Master Chef, but it will feel like it!

Each team will serve their dishes for the group to enjoy

Whether you have the Starter, Main or Dessert


Booking An Event is Easy

Prices & Numbers

Half day: 2.5hrs  £65 per person         

Full day: 4hrs  £115 per person

Number of Participants:  Minimum 8 - Maximum 15


Further Booking Information

Call: 01202424445



We will help you choose the best date and time for you.

Everything will be taken care of, from refreshments, the best ingredients, free wfi & accessable parking

Flavours is a great place to visit.